What Is Adsense?


Many people who are not familiar with the internet and its procedures may be wondering – What is Adsense? If you are one of these people, this article will give you a better understanding of exactly what adsense is and what it is used for.

What Is Adsense?

Adsense is a google advertising program mainly used by websites providing information. Since they are not selling a product, this gives them a way to develop an income from their site that they ordinarily would not be earning.

When you browse the internet looking for information, you will notice that a very large percentage of the information sites you visit have advertising on them. If you look a little closer you will also find most of these ads actually state that they are “google ads”. This is because google, which is the world's largest search engine has put these ads on the site at the request of the site owner. Google is of course being paid by the advertiser to do so.

At any given point in time the internet has millions of people viewing it. Many of these people are looking for information and many are looking for products or services to buy. This makes the internet a very valuable tool for advertisers. They no longer have to advertise their products to just their local area. They can advertise it to the world.

Since there is so many potential clients on the internet, companies are more than willing to put considerable amounts of their advertising dollars into internet advertising. This is where google adsense comes in.

A few years ago google came out with a program that anyone who has a website can participate in. All the website owner has to do is open an adsense account and receive a code to put into their website structure. By doing so they actually enter into a partnership with google. They are allowing google to put advertising on their website and in exchange google gives them a percentage of the money they receive from those particular advertisers.

Websites that have been on the internet for a long time and have thousands of people visiting their sites everyday can receive a very large sum of money from their adsense ads. Every time a visitor to their site clicks on an ad, they get a percentage of the advertising dollars. Of course the more visitors a site has, the larger the chance of someone clicking on an ad.

Although adsense is great for larger, older websites, it can also be very beneficial to the smaller and newer sites as well. They may not get a large income from their adsense ads at first, but as time goes by and the traffic visiting their site grows, so does their adsense dollars.

What is Adsense? It is a way for both large and small information websites to make extra income from their site without having to do anything more than putting the adsense code on it. Opening an adsense account and getting an adsense code is free.