SEO Linking


SEO Linking For Website Traffic

Anyone with dreams of profiting from the internet should familiarize themselves with the key concepts of SEO linking. Simply put, SEO linking concepts pertain to your website being linked or referred to as a reference by other websites. Sound SEO practices like linking allows websites to refer to each other such that the rank or popularity of both websites is improved. Likewise, the practice of SEO has allowed many internet-based businesses to become more strategic in their approach to internet marketing.

There are a number of proven strategies that assist in effective SEO linking. The first and perhaps more important is the use of backlinks. Backlinks are short articles that websites write and post in article repository sites. These can be actual backlinking clients like Build My Rank (BMR), Unique Article Wizard (UAW), or Wordpress. In a nutshell, very short articles are posted into these sites containing links to your website. When search engines look for popular websites on a specific keyword, it takes into account the number of backlinks that promote or refer to that website. As a result, your site ranks higher in Google and gets visited by more people.

Another strategy that uses SEO linking concepts is by submitting articles to known article directories. These include Ezinearticles, Articlesbase and many others. Even Wikipedia can be used to deliver this strategy. The submitted articles also contain links to your website. Because some article directories are highly ranked, a link from these websites carries more weight when search engines rank your page. Though google is putting less emphasis on some article directories than they did in the past they do still carry some clout.

A third strategy is through the use of cross-posting or cross-linking strategies. This is common among website owners who want to link their sites for free. Instead of paying for submission to BMR or UAW, they find other blog or website owners who are willing to host a link on their website in return for the same favor.

When looking for sites where SEO linking back to your page is preferred, consider the following important website attributes and properties:

Rank - The higher a website is ranked, the better a link from that website is. Therefore, try to find websites that are known and work with site owners to try and have a link posted on that site.

Trusted sites - Google also has a system that identifies some sites as trusted or non-spam websites. These websites have been vetted to only refer to quality material. Being linked by a trusted site puts your page higher on Google’s radar.

Relevance - Of course, you cannot have a website of just any content link back to your site. As much as this is logical, the Google search protocol immediately spots the problem and discards it from its list. Find a website with relevant content and see if you can arrange an SEO linking setup with that site.

SEO linking is very important to drive website traffic but it does not have to be expensive. Though this has been a very general article on the subject, by following the tips on this page, you should be able to gain a much deeper understanding of what you need to do to drive internet traffic to your site.