Niche Websites


Niche websites are among the fastest growing moneymaking opportunities on the internet. Many individuals find this to be an easy and fast way to launch a start up business with very little investment capital.

Making Money on Niche Websites

There are multiple ways to make money on a niche website. You can sell products, services, or ad space for example. You can use a niche website to market affiliate products.

If you choose to sell products on your niche website, these products can be something you make yourself or purchase from vendors. If you sell information products, such as eBooks, you can write the books yourself or market products from a website such as ClickBank.

Topics for Niche Websites

Choosing a topic for a niche website requires some thought and research. You want the niche topic to be popular enough to have a good percentage of interested consumers. However, you don't want a topic that is too competitive, either. You need a topic that not only will allow you to attract visitors, but that will provide a basis for related products or services that are marketable in order to produce sales.

Most niche marketers have more than one website, and typically have dozens or more. Since a niche website will be a site you will be promoting regularly, it helps if the topic is something you are interested in and knowledgeable about.

ClickBank And Adsense for Niche Websites

One of the most popular methods of making money in niche marketing is not to have any product of your own at all. Instead, you can sift through hundreds of titles at ClickBank and find those you'd like to promote on your niche websites. One niche website can promote more than one product, too. If you don't have a niche topic selected, you might browse through the ClickBank products and get some ideas on some niche themes.

When you promote a product from ClickBank on your niche site, shoppers can click a link to purchase and the transaction is handled through ClickBank. They are then directed to a download area where they can obtain the product. You never touch the actual product; you simply promote it and earn a commission each time the product sells.

The difference between ClickBank and Adsense is that Adsense pays you a commission if someone just visits a site. A purchase does not have to be made. The commission is small compared to ClickBank, usually less than a dollar, but most people make up for it in quantity. With Adsense you also do not have to worry about constantly looking for ads to put on your site. Adsense automatically puts the ads on your site that has the best potential of getting the most clicks.

Attracting Targeted Niche Customers

In order to attract visitors to your site, you must create content and plenty of it. The content should contain keywords specifically related to the niche topic. A good strategy is to provide readers with information they can use.

If your niche is about coin collecting, for example, then you might add articles to your site that answer frequently asked questions coin collectors typically have. When readers find useful information on your niche website, they are more inclined to bookmark it and return in the future.

Once your niche site becomes a trusted and frequented source for them, they will be more inclined also to purchase your product or service.

Niche Website Platforms

A niche website can be on any type of hosting platform, but one of the most popular is the WordPress blog platform. It is easy to install, easy to use, and there are hundreds of free and paid web templates available for download on the internet.

Functionality of the basic WordPress installation is greatly enhanced by the use of hundreds of free plug-ins, making almost any customization possible that you could possibly need. The type of WordPress installation mentioned here is the type hosted on your own server, not on the WordPress server. If you are considering a niche website launch, you might want to try WordPress as your site platform using one of the many free available templates.

Of course there are other more difficult website platforms you can use such as HTML Microsoft Expressions. Wordpress is just the easiest and seems to be the most popular at this time.