Niche Website Builder


Profits As A Niche Website Builder

A little known but very profitable sideline job today is being a niche website builder. A lot of people who have free time beyond work are taking to the internet to generate substantial earnings from building and maintaining websites. Because it takes nothing more than time, a reliable internet connection and a little knowledge about internet marketing, being a niche website builder is just about the right freelance job for anyone looking to earn extra income at no start-up expense. In fact in just a couple of years one could easily have enough income coming in to build their own niche websites full time.

To be able to understand the potential benefits of being a niche website builder, perhaps it is worthwhile to understand what a niche website is in the first place. In simple terms, a niche website refers to a website that is dedicated to one topic that is specific enough but not overly restricting. For example, one can build a website about growing tomatoes from the home, or a website about internet marketing, or better yet a website about the health benefits of cherries. It can be any thing that is specific but not restricting.

The reason for being specific is because you want to minimize the number of competing websites on a subject. By being general, you are going against websites like Wikipedia that you obviously cannot compete against. By being specific, you are limiting the traffic to a few of the websites that cater to the same exact topic hence increasing your chance of grabbing a bigger traffic portion of that niche.

To define a proper topic for a niche, you can consult many resources. A handy tool is Google Adwords which helps you identify keywords that you can optimize to grab traffic. In other cases, a prospective niche website builder lists potential website subjects and combs the internet for the existence of competing websites. It might seem like looking for a needle in a haystack but you would be surprised to find that a lot of topics are actually not that well represented on the internet. It is in these areas where a new niche website can actually thrive and generate profit.

Once you have identified the niche for a site, you can begin to construct it in such a way that it can increase traffic. There are plenty of resources that teach website builders how to do this and are collectively classified under “internet marketing.”

In a nutshell, consider these internet traffic-boosting tips that are proven and tested by many a successful niche website builder.

1. Keyword Optimization. You can use Google Adwords to look for keywords that are “frequently” searched on the internet. You can then write articles that are rich in these keywords to drive traffic to your site.

2. Backlinking. You can write snippets of short articles and submit them to article directories for backlinks. These snippets contain links that trace back to your site. When Google indexes websites, it considers these as referrals back to your website thereby boosting its popularity and therefore its Google search rank.

3. Keep your website regularly updated. Users are more inclined to bookmark your page and come back if they know that there is new content posted on a regular basis.

There are actually a host of other tips you can use as a niche website builder to boost internet traffic. These are just some of the more obvious and commonly used techniques of earning from the internet. Still, given the potential of the internet in generating profit through traffic and advertising, there is every reason to find a personal niche on the web. Better yet, contruct a number of websites for even more profit. One person can easily handle 6-8 sites in their spare time and up to 20 if they want to do it full time.

See if you can start a career in internet marketing today and watch your side profits grow as you learn the ropes of being a successful niche website builder. However, remember this is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes at least six months of work to start getting your sites to the front pages of the search engines.