Niche Sites


Niche Sites- Earning money while you sleep

With the tremendous growth seen on the internet there are less chances of creating unique material to load into a website that can serve everybody’s needs. Because of this you will find an increasing number of websites focused on particular segments of an industry, topic, hobby, activity, sport – you name it, there’s a website for it. These websites are collectively referred to as niche websites or niche sites because they cater to a particular niche only and not a general explosion of information designed to draw everyone in.

The growth of niche sites is fueled by the realization that it currently presents itself as the best way to make money online. The trend has shifted from being big as in Google, AOL, Yahoo and other giants in the early 2000s, to small, specialized and specific content. Face it, if you’re not going to be able to compete with Facebook’s resources you might as well not bark up Facebook’s tree. Instead, you can target a very specific segment of society that are passionate about a particular subject. If you do this they’re bound to trot back to your website every now and then for the latest tips, tricks, information, development, and news in that particular industry.

The concept behind niche sites is very simple. The objective is to create a website that’s specialized enough that it is sure to attract a certain class of visitors passionate about that topic – say jogging, for example - to provide internet traffic, but also unique enough that there aren’t many competitors in the same field. If you spend some time thinking and researching about it, you will find a niche that is currently not serviced enough. From there you can build a website to target that niche, put it up and see the traffic grow, and from there grow your revenue via advertising that’s more than sure to follow wherever the traffic is leading it to.

A few types of niche sites to help you brainstorm for one that you will eventually grow into include “How To” niche websites which cater to anything and everything from “How to Grow Onions” to “How to Build a Kite.” A quick search of these topics will tell you that there aren’t that many websites addressing this need. You can play around with this idea to find a “How To” niche that is in need of fresh content and you are in business.

Other potential niches include hobbies or sports. Recently, the boom in the running industry has led to the growth of niche websites for running. Even blogs can now serve as starting points for a niche website. With enough traffic, some website owners eventually post a “relocation sign” to point blog readers to a new website address. In the same way, any hobby however small can allow you to create niche websites that will earn you money. With the sheer reach of the internet, even a small percentage of traffic is sure to attract enough advertisers to keep you in business.

In a nutshell, you have to 1) Find a Niche, 2) Scout Your Competition, 3) Create a Website with enough of a catchy design to make it stick with the audience, and 4) Provide website content.

Another logical offshoot of a niche site is to sell products related to the niche content. This requires a whole new set of strategies in order to market your products well. Still, should you choose to just stick with website management and providing enough content to keep the interest flowing, you are more than adequately placed to earn from your website.

Niche websites are a fantastic way to get acquainted with the internet; it does not require much maintenance and will earn you advertisement fees with just a little marketing. Consider it as a potential earning source so you spend your time more wisely. After all, if you just spend the whole day surfing the net, don’t you think there aren’t many who do the same? Sooner or later, surfing will lead people to a website they will like and love. That could very well be your site.