Niche Keywords


A popular online money making opportunity is niche marketing. A niche is a specialized target market that draws enough interested people to provide income opportunities to a marketer but not to the point of being overly competitive or excessively saturated. Online entrepreneurs involved in niche marketing utilize niche keywords when they market their niche websites.

Why Niche Keywords are Important

Niche keywords are the "magnets" that attract traffic to your site. They also help you gain higher search engine rankings. These keywords are the words you anticipate your target customers will type in the search engines to find information on your specific niche topic. Knowing the right keywords for a particular niche is important. What is also essential for obtaining the most traffic is the proper use and placement of these keywords.

Niche Keyword Competition

The most obvious keywords for a specific niche are most likely those with the most competition. Some niche marketers are willing to pay money for keyword ranking, and that can become quite a hefty expense. The majority of niche marketers seek inexpensive or free ways to promote their sites. This is very possible using a different strategy for keyword selection and promotion. The method that works best is to choose keywords that have a high search volume among internet browsers and a low volume of competitors for those keywords. The concept may sound difficult or impossible at first, but it really is a simple strategy to use once you get the hang of it.

Niche Keywords Placement

Basic SEO dictates that your website must have content that contains relative topic niche keywords. Content should be added regularly to the website, and the content should be written to target various keywords. Successful niche marketers know that their website is not the only place they must add content. Article marketing is a proven strategy that works to guide traffic to your site. In the articles you generate for article marketing purposes, you should utilize the same keywords in those articles that exist on the website, and the articles should link back to various pages of your website. It is important not to link every article back to the same page on your site.

There are many different ways to market your articles. They can be submitted to article directories, and there are plenty of free ones on the web. Your articles will perform better on websites with a higher Google page rank, so be selective where you place your articles.

Continued Keyword Development

It is a good business strategy to continue to search for keywords on an ongoing basis, especially long tail keywords. Once you write an article on one or two of your keywords, cycle back in a couple of weeks and write some new material on the same keywords. Constantly add new content to your website, and continue to add new articles to high page rank sites across the internet. The more content the better. The more articles that link back to it, the more traffic your niche website will receive.

Article Writing Tips

* Make your articles interesting enough to keep the reader's attention. You need them to complete the entire article, and you want them to feel compelled to click on the link to visit your site.

* Don't make your articles too lengthy. A good article size is around 400-450 words.

* Make your articles easy to read using subheadings and bullet points.

* Provide useful information to the reader, not just keywords among fluff and useless filler.