Increase Internet Traffic


How To Increase Internet Traffic

Learning how to increase internet traffic to your website is an essential component of internet marketing. With the extent of the World Wide Web, an increase in internet traffic also means an increase in advertising revenues that you can generate from each website that you maintain. There are many proven ways to increase internet traffic and applying one to two of these techniques will help boost your internet presence and credibility which in turn will build your site as a viable destination for the specific niche topic that you maintain.

But before we go into learning techniques on how to increase internet traffic, it is helpful to know how internet traffic works. There are four basic ways by which people can stumble on to a website:

1. Search Engines. People go to Google and type keywords on the search bar. Google performs a search and returns a list of websites that are “related” to the topic searched. If your website is on that list, users click on the link and are taken to your website counting as traffic.
2. Links from other websites. Your website can be quoted as a “reference” by another website and a link is provided to point to your web address. People stumble on the link and visit your site.
3. Advertisements. You pay Google to put your website in various places. People see the ad and click on it to access your website.
4. People have your website bookmarked and regularly visit to check on new updates.

To maximize the ways by which your website generates traffic, here are proven tips on how to pump up your website or increase its visibility so that people are more likely to visit it using any of the four methods mentioned above.

1 - Search Engines. The goal of most website owners is to rank high on Google for a specific keyword. This means being listed in the first one to three pages of a list of results for that keyword. There are many ways of doing this but one of the most effective is via search engine optimization. What this means is that website owners write articles that are optimized to be friendly to search engines. Keywords are placed in a strategic portion of the article and are repeated a certain number of times. If done correctly, search engines deem this to be a viable and useful site and rank it higher in the results list. Of course, the actual story is much more complicated than that but the basics are essential the same.

2 - Backlinks. Another method to increase internet traffic is through creating backlinks. Search engines look for references to your website as a means to determine its popularity between and among other related websites. A backlink is basically a short article that includes a keyword that links back to your site. Search engines look at this as a reference to your site and increases its rank in the results page for that keyword

3 - Advertisements. You can pay for advertisements via Google Adwords and Adsense but you must be able to do it in such a way as to maximize your spending and returns. A deeper study of internet advertising is required to boost your internet presence but the gist is to get Google to run paid ads for your website.

4 - Quality content. There is absolutely no substitute to posting high quality content on your website. If readers know that you provide timely information in a concise and organized manner, they will bookmark your website and visit regularly.

Learning how to increase internet traffic is a painstaking process but its rewards are equally great. Invest time in learning the basics of internet marketing and you can grow a sustainable second income via marketing your very own websites through increasing internet traffic.