How To Make Money With Adsense


Hopefully you are reading this before you have spent who knows how many dollars with some website geniuses who are going to show you how to make money with adsense by building a few sites, putting adsense on them and going into early retirement. Isn't that nice of them. They have made so much money with their technique they are going to teach it to anyone who will buy into their program and make them more even money.

Okay, here is the real deal in today's google adsense content market. YOU NEED VOLUME. Anyone who has told you they are going to teach you how to get rich off just a few sites are people looking for suckers. Don't be one.

I am not saying you can't make money on adsense because you can. In fact you can make a lot of money. What I am saying is you can't just put a few websites on the internet and sit back waiting for the money to come in., because it is not going to happen. There are a lot of other things involved and if there was a surefire way to get rich on the internet with a small amount of work and and a small amount investment everyone would be doing it.

If you want to know how to make money with adsense I am going to give you the secret for free that everyone else wants you to pay for – THERE IS NO SECRET. What it takes is a knowledge of the procedures on how to build a search engine efficient website and how to take care of it once you have it up and running.

If you don't have enough knowledge to build a website the search engines are going to bring traffic to, you have lost before you ever started. Even if you did all the other things I am about to mention, they will be of little help if you do not have a very search engine friendly website.

There are now hundred of sites and programs on the internet offering build it yourself websites. These sites can look really fantastic and have all the bells and whistles, but there is one problem. The template they are using is now being used by 1000s if not millions of people.

Google wants their viewers happy once they have sent them to a site. They want content relevant to what they are looking for and they want something unique. What is unique about a site that has been built exactly like a large percentage of the sites already on the internet?

Okay, let us say you have built, or had someone build a very unique website that is search engine optimized. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a little different. What now?

Well, if you have a great website the next most important thing is to start adding content. The thing to remember when you start doing this is once again, google wants their viewers to have a positive experience. If you have a website about a certain topic, make sure your site has a large and very relevant amount of information on that topic and that topic alone. Not only must it have a large amount of information, the information needs to be thoroughly researched, quality content.

Okay, you have a well built site and you have added nice quality content relevant to your topic. Is it time to sit back and wait for the money? I don't think so. In order to get you site ranked high you are going to need to periodically add more content or update current content to show google the site hasn't just been abandoned and you are still maintaining it for their readers.

Although a well built site with quality content that is periodically maintained is the best way to get your site ranked and keep it ranked, there is still another element you need to add to the mix of how to make money with adsense.

Backlinks are a must for a really successful website. These can be gotten by putting articles in articles directories and by doing some social networking. This article is not long enough to go into the specifics about backlinking but it is something you need to research if you want to be assured your website gets right where you want it to be.

This article may make you think the topic of how to make money with adsense is something very hard to do, but it is not. There are just the four basic things you need to do or have someone do for you. (1) build a search engine friendly site (2) put quality and relevant content on it (3) maintain it (4) Do some backlink work.

If you are unable to do all these things, there are of course people who specialize in each of these categories who will do it for a fee. However, once the site is up and the articles on it, maintaining it is not that hard at all.

Of course one very important thing I left out on how to make money with adsense is you must go to google adsense and open an account. It's free, and once you open your account, they will do the work from there. Just place the adsense code on your website and google automatically puts the ads on your site that will be of the most interest to those viewing your topic.

Okay, now is the time to sit back and watch the money come in. But you can't stop with a few sites. Once you have one niche website up and going, add another one. If you will just keep at it and be patient in a couple of years you will be glad you did.