Google Adsense Traffic


Google Adsense Traffic

Any person who has a blog or website of course seeks to make some form of revenue from it. However, not all the users who visit your blog are interested in what you have to sell on your site. In fact only an average of 3-4 percent will ever purchase directly from your website. However, this is not totally a bad thing. It just lets you know that you need quite a lot of traffic to make reasonable revenue from your website or blog.

Google is one of the leading sources of traffic. However, it may not be as easy as you think to divert this traffic to your website. It is even harder to convert this traffic to revenue. If you want to earn money from the traffic coming to your website or blog, then you may have to consider Google Adsense. Adsense is a popular way through which you get paid a small percentage of what Google earns from visitors who click on advertisements found on your site. It is important that one learns how to generate revenue from Google Adsense traffic. Here are three useful ways to help you do so.

Adsense is an intuitive service that takes keywords from your site and matches advertisements to them. It then proceeds to place these adverts on your webpages. As such, the content on your website is an essential requirement to generating revenue from Google Adsense traffic. Your content will have to be target-oriented towards a particular audience. Having content that is not target oriented will lead to general ads which many users may not click on. However, catering to the needs of a specific niche audience will help Adsense match better advertisements aimed at capturing the attention of your audience. Hence, the revenue you make will increase as your users find advertisements for products or services that they may possibly be in need of.

Secondly, you should review the keywords you intend to use on your site very carefully before actually using them. Different keywords have different CPCs( Cost-Per- Click). Using the Google Adwords tool, you can easily review your keywords and see which have high CPCs and which don't. Moreover, instead of thinking up keywords, you can input your URL. The tool will the provide keywords, relevant to your niche with high CPCs. Keywords with very high CPCs are very competitive and may not be suitable for small websites or blog. As such, choose keywords which have relatively high CPCs and low competition. Moreover, remember to develop quality content centered around these keywords to ensure that you get a share of the revenue whenever your readers click on the Google Adsense ads.

Finally, you should think of a marketing campaign to help you increase the revenue that you get from Google Adsense Traffic. Advertise your business through social media such as Facebook and twitter. Comment on forums and discussion groups which are related to your own site in some way. Moreover, ensure that there is fresh, engaging content on your website to keep your visitors interested. This will help you generate more revenue from your Google Adsense traffic.