Google Adsense Tips


The Google AdSense program is a great way to generate some passive money from your website and by following a few simple Google AdSense tips, you can maximise your income. The program costs nothing to join and as long as you adhere to the Google terms and conditions, you can quickly and easily generate paying ads for your site.

Ads can be customized to suit the design of your website. Your website viewers are more likely to be attracted by ads that are bright and stand out, so give the colour and font of your ad block a great deal of thought rather than just accepting the standard settings. Certain sizes of ad blocks are known to do better than others, and these include the wide skyscraper and large rectangle blocks. Once you are happy with the look of your ad blocks and the code has been pasted into the website, targeted ads will appear very quickly—usually within 10 minutes.

In order for Google to place the ads that are exactly targeted to your website, you need to give the crawlers a helping hand. You can do this by including plenty of text-based content on the site, specifically paragraphs and sentences. Other types of files, for example .jpeg and .wma, are not recognised by Google’s crawlers, therefore if your site is mostly derived of non-text based content, this will affect the quality of the ad results.

Helpful Google AdSense tips include always limiting your ad blocks to a maximum of three to avoid your page looking low value. For maximum effect, an ad block should be placed directly beneath the page header and above the page fold. Below this should be quality articles filled with relevant keywords for your site. While it is possible to build a site that is has a lot of meaningless text packed full of specific keywords and still end up high in the Google rankings—this is not the right way to go about things. Eventually this method will see your site kicked out by Google and then your income will be zilch. The best way to build a site that people want to return to, and therefore are more likely to click on your Google AdSense ads, is to fill it with relevant and high quality content.

To attract higher paying AdSense blocks, you need to use keywords in your site that are paid high. Some words, like “insurance”, are high payers, whereas other more obscure ones, for example, “clog dancing” are definitely not. If you check out the Google Adwords tool, you can do some research to see which keywords are likely to generate higher earning ads for your site.

To be successfull with Adsense be certain you have a search engine friendly website. Be sure when you build it or have it built you do nothing to make the search engines avoid you. Good article content and a simple but search engine optimized site will get you far in the long run.

If you have never tried it many people are making a very good income by building content niche sites which cater to readers who are interested in the topic of the website. These articles are surrounded by adsense ads relevent to the topic and each time someone clicks on one of them you get a commission from google adsense. It is difficult to make a lot of money on one site but there are people who have built large numbers of them for especially this purpose. It is the perfect thing for writers since the main cost is for the articles.

Working hard to increase your website traffic is the best way to increase your AdSense earnings. The more people who come to your site, the more money you will make through Google AdSense. Other useful Google AdSense tips include building back links to your site by posting articles on article database sites and updating your site content regularly, and especially within the first six months of uploading your site. Try experimenting to see what works, and what doesn’t work. Google AdSense can involve some trial and error, but following the basics, you will soon see some revenue heading your way.

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