Google Adsense - A Writer's Goldmine


If you know anything at all about making money with niche websites you know there are two things you must do to be successful. Here they are with a little discussion added.

1 – Content Is King – Who knows how they do it, but in the long run the search engines know if the content of your website is really great or really lousy. Well in reality I do know how they do it. If you start getting lots of traffic and hit the front page of the search engines, your site actually gets looked at by a real person. If they see the content is bad they know you are doing some sneaky things to get all that traffic and they don't like it. Down you go in the ratings.

Google wants their readers to leave a website they sent them to feeling like they have either learned something, found what they wanted or at least enjoyed the visit. When niche website owners try to take short cuts to get to the top they are only hurting themselves in the long run. Yes, they may make a few extra bucks for a while, but one day the bottom will fall out and they will be getting absolutely no visitors to their website. Why? Because google finally figured out they had nothing to offer and they buried them so deep no one will ever find them.

For adsense content sites google not only wants, but requires that a website has well written content relevant to the subject and is as free of grammatical errors as possible. Yes, you can toss some articles out there you threw together or bought from a non English speaking person for $3, but in the end you will have a banned or buried website that will never get anywhere near the front pages of google where all the money is made, at least not for very long.

2 – A Search Engine Optimized Site is the second thing an adsense website is going to need to do well. If you are a webmaster who is superb at building a website that will cause the search engines to send traffic to your door, that is great. Unfortunately there are not many people who are in that category, and if you are not, you need to be find someoneone who is and invest a little money in your site.

I know many people are putting adsense on the blogs they built with wordpress or go with a website they made at one of the many build it yourself sites. The only problem I have with these websites is they are all made basically alike and there are millions of them. I personally think since google is wanting new and unique content on their sites, they also lean more towards uniquely build websites; not sites that have millions of duplicates all over the internet.

Now, I bet you are wondering when I am going to get to the jest of this article which stated in the title that google adsense could be a writer's goldmine. Well, here it is.

An adsense content site only needs to start with 4 or 5 articles. It is better to start small and grow. For a good writer, this means 4 or 5 hours work. The website itself can be simple, but it definitely needs to be built by someone who has SEO skills. You need a webmaster to help you, but not one who charges a ridiculous price. They are out there.

Once someone who knows they are a good content writer has spent $10 to get a domain name and paid a webmaster around $100 to build a nice site for them, they only have $110 in a google content niche website. Yes, they need to keep adding articles regularly if they want to keep the search engines happy and get to the front pages where the big portion of money is made, but they are using only their time and do not need to put out any large cash outlays.

Between the articles they need for their websites and the articles they need to put in directories for backlinks, most site owners will spend around $500-$600 on quality content articles alone. This means after paying the webmaster for the site, buying the domain name and getting hosted, they are probably going to have at least $600 in the site before they get anywhere near the front page of google and start making money. This means the first $600 is only going to break them even. A good writer who has a $110 cash outlay in the same type site will have made six times their investment at $660. Not bad. Especially if they have money coming in on quiet a number of sites.

So, if you are a quality writer think about the things I have just mentioned. You could start 10 niche websites with quality content for less money than it takes someone who does not have your talent to start less than two. You should really think of this as an opportunity. Why spend hours writing articles for someone else's site? Write for your own and make the money for yourself.

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