Google Adsense Ads


If you are not familiar with google adsense ads this article is going to try and explain it to you in easy and understandable terms.

Google makes a large portion of its income by permitting website owners and businesses to advertise on their search result pages. This is all done through a program they developed called Adwords.

A few years ago Google came out with another program to give website owners an opportunity to earn money from their website. They called the program adsense. What google does with their adsense program is basically this. They will place ads on your website through use of a code they will give you when you join adsense. Joining adsense is free so you do not have to make any sort of monetary investment to take advantage of google adsense ads.

Once you join adsense and receive your code you can place it on your site where you feel it will get the most benefit. Adsense has a help page that will give you their expert advice ad placement. If a visitor than comes to one of your webpages clicks on any of the ads that google has placed on them, they will give you a commission out of what they earn. In most cases the commission is small; possibly just a few cents. However, there are ads that pay as much as $10 or $12 for a click, according to what type of site you have. Unfortunately, the chance of getting clicks that pay this well is something that takes a long period of time to develop.

You must remember that traffic is king when it comes to the internet. To be honest you are going to need a lot of traffic to make very much income on just one site from google adsense ads. This takes work and knowledge on your part on how to get people to your site. As time goes by and your site traffic grows, so will your adsense income. It is all a numbers game. The more people that come to your site the greater the chance of someone clicking on one of the ads.

Adsense does have a number of rules you must abide by. Of course on of these is you can not click on your own ads. This is basically stealing and you will very quickly get kick off the adsense program for it and your website disappear to some desolate place on the internet that few people go to.

If you have an informative website you should give google adsense ads a try. If you have very much traffic at all you may could at least pay for you hosting and domain fees. And who knows? If you continue to develop your site until it has a large amount of visitors there is always the potential for some really nice adsense earnings.