Building Website Traffic


Building Website Traffic

Building website traffic is one of the most important tenets when it comes to internet marketing. How else would you generate advertising revenue from your websites if you cannot attract people to look or click at the ads on your site? When website owners think about increasing the profit they generate from their websites, they should really be thinking about building website traffic to meet this end.

There is no one formula to improve the number of readership that your website gets on a regular basis. The truth is that website traffic is a product of many factors that all conspire to promote or destroy a website. Some of the most important factors include:

§ Advertising. You can advertise your websites by purchasing an advertisement package from companies like Google. As much as you want other websites to advertise on your page, you might need to actually do the initial investing to promote your site before you can carry ads that pay the big bucks.

§ Search Engine Optimization. Search engines constitute a huge junk of the traffic that goes into your site. According to studies, more than 92% of internet users stumble upon a site because search engines like Google took them there. To maximize this avenue, you need to tailor the content in your website so that it gets indexed and ranked higher by search engines. This is achieved by many techniques including keyword optimization and internet marketing methods. To put it bluntly, this is the method that's responsible for a big chunk of the task needed in building website traffic.

§ Backlinking. A backlink is a post or article that carries a link to the original site where traffic is intended. There are plenty of methods to do backlinks including submission of articles to some of the many article directories. You can also comment of forums and blogs that are related to your site. Backlinking, when done correctly, carries more value than keyword optimization methods. In simple terms, backlinks tell a search engine that your website is an excellent source for the keyword being searched and will therefore rank it higher.

§ Viral Advertising. Add a Twitter or Facebook “share” icon to your pages to allow people to share them faster. These are called plug-ins and these boost your site’s visibility immensely. If you want a greater viewership, utilize these social networks to get the message across. Do not underestimate the power of friends who have friends who have other friends who share content and drive traffic.

§ Quality Content. It’s not enough that you have people stumbling onto a website when building website traffic. You want to readers to come back again, or click an add, or click a link, or stay on-page longer. Only quality content ensures that this happens. If you do not check the quality of the posts that go into your website, you won’t be able to hold people’s interests enough to influence them to do something that profits your website.

There are plenty of avenues for building website traffic, each more sophisticated than the last. For this reason, it is very important to take the time to master building website traffic and perhaps to spend a little extra at the onset just to get the ball rolling. Take these concepts to heart and you will slowly but surely see your website traffic rise. Ignore these concepts and you are guaranteed of everlasting mediocrity with your website, one that will never see the light of day nor generate the profits that you have envisioned when you first set sights on doing it.

So do it right, do it well, and do it often. Do the work in building your website traffic and your website will do the earning part for you.