Affiliate Websites


Affiliate websites are one of the most popular money making opportunities on the internet and growing rapidly. There are many reasons why this is the case. In this article, you'll discover the top 8 reasons why affiliate websites are such a popular option for individuals and businesses making money online.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

First, here is a brief explanation of what affiliate marketing is exactly. No doubt at some time you've been on a service or product website and seen a link regarding affiliates or an affiliate program.

Affiliates market other companies' products in exchange for a commission, which is typically a pre-defined percentage of the overall sale. The affiliate marketer never actually touches the product. An affiliate is a middleman who promotes the product or service, but does not actually sell it themselves.

A specially coded unique link is provided to each affiliate to use in their promotions. When the link is clicked, it takes the shopper to the sales website, and if a sale is made, the coded link lets the company know which affiliate is to receive credit for the sale.

Top Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is so Popular

There are reasons why the affiliate program as a moneymaking opportunity for the online entrepreneur has so much appeal.

#1. Very little investment capital is required. Affiliate marketers need a computer, an internet connection, and hosting space. Other costs might be incurred if the affiliate marketer does not know how to code and manage their websites, but compared to other businesses, the start up capital is minimal.

#2. There is no service to provide and no product to stock and handle. The affiliate marketer never touches the product. No warehouse or shipping equipment or supplies are needed. No employees are needed to perform the daily operations of the business.

#3. Affiliate marketers can work from home. They are also their own boss and can choose their working hours.

#4. Affiliates do not handle customer services issues with the products they sell. They are the middleman only. The company making the actual sale is responsible for handling all customer service issues.

#5. Affiliate websites run on autopilot. Marketers make money whether they are in the office, at the computer, asleep in their bed, or swimming in the pool.

#6. There are literally thousands of products and services an affiliate marketer can choose from to market on their affiliate websites. Most all affiliate programs are also free to join.

#7. There are no defined sales areas. An affiliate can market products worldwide without it costing any more than marketing across town.

#8. Affiliate marketing offers business owners a high income earning potential. Individuals are limited only by their own goals and desires. They can work as much or as little as they want. The more they work, the more they earn.

Affiliate websites can be created in a person's off time from work when first getting started. This allows them to continue to earn a paycheck while getting their business launched.

Once the business has had time to grow, earnings will increase. When the time is right, affiliate marketers will be able to quit their day jobs. They can then create and manage multiple websites full time, providing them with the income and lifestyle they desire.