Adsense Websites


Adsense websites are all over the internet. It is not difficult to understand why. This is one of the easiest online money making opportunities in existence. Adsense websites take only hours to set up, are easy to market, and they make money for you on auto pilot, allowing you to pursue other online opportunities and relax while your website does the work.

How Adsense Websites Work

Adsense is essentially the placement of ads on your website by the search engine mogul known as Google. Advertisers pay Google for their services. Google then pays you as a publisher for allowing the ads to occupy space on your website(s). The ads are sophisticated enough to be able to acclimate to the type of content on your site, which encourages clicks to products the browsers on your site will most likely be interested in viewing.

Adsense is a win for the advertiser, a win for Google, and a win for you, the publisher.

Setting Up Adsense Websites

A quick way to set up an Adsense website is using WordPress. It is easily installed on your hosting space, and you can find free and inexpensive templates designed specifically for Adsense sites. It is important to note there are two different types of WordPress sites, and only one of those types allows Adsense ad placement.

#1. is a place where you can sign up to have a blog on the WordPress server. This type of blog does not require your own hosting space, but it also does not allow the placement of Adsense ads.

#2. is the website where you can download the free WordPress software. You install it on your hosting space on your own server. This type of installation allows you to place Adsense ads on your website. Once you install WordPress, you can install a theme designed specifically for Adsense sites. This is a good choice for beginners.

Although WordPress is an excellent and popular platform, there are those who prefer other platforms such as Microsoft Web Expessions. They feel the more unique your site is and unlike millions of others, the more the search engines are going to appreciate it.

Adsense themes or skins come with ad "placeholders" so you can enter your Adsense ads that provide revenue to your Adsense publisher id when clicked. You will need to set up an Adsense account first.

Important Things to Note About Adsense Websites

* Do not click on your own ads. This is very important. If you do this, it can get you banned from participation in the Adsense program.

* Do not attempt to hire people to click on your Adsense ads. This is also a big violation, and definitely not worth losing your ability to earn money from Google Adsense.

* Add new content to your website regularly. This can be in the way of products, blog posts, articles, blog post comments, etc.

* Read through the Adsense publisher requirements. One thing to note in particular is the privacy statement Adsense requires you to have posted on your website.

* Adsense only allows so many ads to be placed on each web page. Be sure to read through the editorial guidelines and make sure you abide by all of the Adsense ad placement terms.

One nice plus for using Adsense is the fact you get paid a commission whether a sale is made or not. It is of course a lot smaller than you would make using an affiliate ad site, but most Adsense users with nice content site easily make up for it in volume and do not have to worry about looking for and placing ads. Adsense does this for you.